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    Pace Foundation is a vision realized through determination, dedication, integrity, ethics and hard work.

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     We are proud of having a great deal to do with turning the soft sands of this part of the world into solid and resilient ground capable of holding great structures..

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    Our strength comes from the safe and efficient utilization of latest-technology machinery and a workforce of highly trained and experienced professionals..

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    We offer complete cost-effective solutions to your foundation projects,

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Construction is no doubt a creative work .It needs designers planners architects and engineers to embody the client's vision into reality. We generally visualize the structure as a finished edifice. The basics for any building –let it be a home a mall , an institutional block or any infrastructure is the Skeleton The skeleton is one which keeps the muscles and senews in place and working sans Skeleton the whole body is only putty. The foundation of the structure is one which nobody can see or think of once the building is complete. As you can't see your bony structure, you are bothered about the outside appearance alone.

Pile foundations , for any building is just like the skeleton which keeps your body intact .Piles ensure the stability and longevity of buildings. Piling is a sophisticated technology. The strata has to be investigated as to if it is clay soil, sandy soil, loam soil or peat soil etc. Much of the world's super surface is covered with decaying matter- soil. Soil is a layer of weathered rock fragments, rotting plants and animals that coat the ground everywhere except for deserts, polar regions, steep slopes and artificial environment. Although soil is made of decaying matter, it is far from dead ; it is living ever enchanting system. It is on this surface, buildings and structures are erected using piling technology.


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